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About Lead Finder
Lead Finder is a leading software for virtual screening of candidate drug molecules and quantitative evaluation of interaction between protein and ligand molecules. Lead Finder ranks ligands by their predicted biological activity, determines 3D structures of protein-ligand complexes and estimates energy of ligand binding. Lead Finder's unique docking algorithm enables fast processing of large libraries of compounds to guide the development of focused libraries with high enrichment of active compounds.
Lead Finder is designed to satisfy the needs of computational and medicinal chemists involved in the drug discovery process, pharmacologists and toxicologists involved in the modeling and evaluation of ADMET properties in silico, and biochemists and enzymologists working on enzyme specificity and rational enzyme design.
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Matthew P. Baumgartner and Carlos J. Camacho. Choosing the Optimal Rigid Receptor for Docking and Scoring in the CSAR 2013/2014 Experiment. J. Chem. Inf. Model.
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