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Contract Research
It is probably true that no one knows the software better than its developers. As expert users of Lead Finder software, we offer you an option of taking your data and running virtual screening, docking and binding energy estimation experiments for you. You will receive the results of experiments in a processed form, ready for visualization and analysis. This option rids of you of the burden of learning new software and configuring it for its optimal use. Also, this option is good for casual jobs when a purchase of a standard license cannot be economically justified. However, this option also assumes you trust us to protect your data from unauthorised access by third parties.
We will study and sign your organization's Non-Disclosure Agreement if we find it acceptable, or offer our own, and we will do our utmost to keep your data confidential. If your job requires us to involve any third parties such as providers of large computing clusters to handle large-scale computing jobs, we will work with you to ensure they provide you the same level of protection and confidentiality of your data as we do.
Contact Sales for further information about available Contract Research options.
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