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We at BioMolTech believe that possibilities in technology advancement are limitless. New higher standards inevitably replace and succeed existing high standards. BioMolTech aims at raising the bar in accuracy and efficiency in virtual screening and molecular docking technologies. We believe the continuous advancement of computer-assisted drug design technology will uncover new and innovative opportunities for the pharma industry.
With geographical distance being no barrier anymore, BioMolTech is part of the emerging community of international businesses operating in the global economic environment right from the start. Founded in 2008, BioMolTech is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. BioMolTech's main R&D office is located in Moscow, Russia where it conducts business as MolTech Ltd. BioMolTech will seek to expand its virtual and physical presence in such areas where it can provide the most expedient and efficient service and support to its customers.
On April 20, 2016, BioMolTech commenced a strategic partnership with Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd.

E-mail: info@biomoltech.com |  Phone: +1(416)238-1263 |  Fax: +1(416)352-6117
Mailing address: 226 York Mills Rd, Toronto, Ontario M2L 1L1, Canada
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